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Our Story

Chef Donald Link was raised hunting, fishing, and cooking along the waterways of Southwest Louisiana, where he learned to respect the flavors of the region. He brought together the cuisine of his home and the bounty of the rich, alluvial soil from the Mississippi delta to New Orleans, where it has been lauded as some of the country’s most authentic. Link’s newest restaurant Chemin à la Mer is perched on the fifth floor of the Four Seasons Hotel New Orleans and offers sweeping views of the Mississippi. The river, which serves as a vital pathway to the sea, is the source for the melting pot of cultures and flavors that has shaped the culinary landscape of the City. The Louisiana and French menu offers a seafood and oyster bar with a large selection of oysters, shrimp, crab, ceviches, and a Grand Plat du Mer harvested from Louisiana and Gulf waters. Entrées include a curated selection of classic and specialty steaks and seafood dishes reflecting the flavors and styles of cooking Link finds through his travels around the world, while honoring his Louisiana heritage.